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Investment Services

- We provide an investment proposal individually designed for each of our clients


Private Loan

Private loan

- High yield investment.

- Operations guaranteed by mortgage loans.

- Provide funding to a maximum of 35% of the property value in Catalonia, Madrid and the Balearic Islands and 30% for the rest of Spain.

- Properties located in areas of more than 10,000 inhabitants.

- The term of the loan is from 1 to 10 years.

- Procedures recorded by notary.

- We are accredited by the Department of Trade in brokering and providing loans.

Purchase a Portfolio of Bank Loans

Bank Loans

- Investment opportunity. Now is the time.

- Nowadays the Banking System allows the possibility to purchase loan portfolios.

- At this time, the restructuring of the Spanish companies generates investment opportunities that provide very interesting investment ratios.

- After the purchase, we handle the sale of the Property at a very competitive price, allowing us to maintain good profit margin.

Business Projects

Business projects

- We focus on profitable companies with projection.

- We finance:

The business environment is promoting the export market and developing innovative projects. To move forward on this direction, these companies need the funding we provide as private investors. In exchange our investor receives good returns based on reliable accountings balances.

- Participate as shareholders:

We participate as shareholders in profitable companies with high projection but with a lack of capital, often tensioned with liquidity problems that prevent them to carry on with their growing and expanding plans.

Rental Income


- Guaranteed Rental Incomes.

- Invest in Real Estate Assets that provide Rental Incomes based on a lease agreements.

- Office buildings.

- Commercial spaces with prime shop tenants.

- Stores and Supermarkets with 25 years lease agreements.

- Industrial: A prime company Logistics Center with a 20/25 years lease agreement.

Works of Art


- Innovative product.

- The works of Art are an asset of great value. They are good collateral as the basis of a mortgage loan.

- Mortgages that do not exceed the 20% of the value of the work.

- The works of Art are attractive to the international market.

- We offer our investors purchase preference on the works.

Asset management


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